ESWC 2017 Phd Symposium Program
From To Author Title
09:20 09:30


09:30 10:00

Sheeba Samuel

Integrative Data Management for Reproducibility of Microscopy Experiments

10:00 10:30

Sebastian Bader

Automating the Dynamic Interactions of Semantic Web Components in Distributed Architectures
10:30 11:00


11:00 11:30

Ruth Frimpong

Ontology Matching Algorithms for Data Model Alignment in Big Data
11:30 12:00

Pieter Heyvaert

Ontology-Based Data Access Mapping Generation using Data, Schema, Query, and Mapping Knowledge
12:00 12:30

Lucy McKenna

Interlinking of Linked Data Resources for Domain Expert Users
12:30 14:00


14:00 14:30

Lama Saeeda

Iterative Approach for Information Extraction and Ontology Learning from Textual Aviation Safety Reports
14:30 15:00

Jens Pelzetter

A Knowledge-Based Framework for Improving Accessibility of Web Sites
15:00 15:30

Harsh Thakkar

Towards an Open Extensible Framework for Empirical Benchmarking RDF Data Management Solutions: LITMUS
15:30 16:00


16:00 16:30

Gilles Vandewiele

Enhancing white-box machine learning processes by incorporating semantic background knowledge
16:30 17:00

Erwin Filtz

Building and Processing a Knowledge-Graph for Legal Data
17:00 17:30

End of session