Best Research Paper Award

Patrik Schneider, Thomas Eiter and Josiane Xavier Parreira

Spatial Ontology-Mediated Query Answering over Mobility Streams

Best Student Paper Award 

Sarven Capadisli, Amy Guy, Christoph Lange, Sören Auer and Tim Berners-Lee

Linked Data Notifications

Best In-Use Paper Award 

Amrapali Zaveri, Shima Dastgheib, Trish Whetzel, Ruben Verborgh, Paul Avillach, Gabor Korodi, Raymond Terryn, Kathleen Jagodnik, Pedro Assis, Chunlei Wu and Michel Dumontier
smartAPI: Towards a more intelligent network of Web APIs

Best Paper 7 Year Award

Philipp Heim, Steffen Lohmann, Timo Stegemann

Interactive Relationship Discovery via the Semantic Web

Best Poster Award 

Danilo Dessì, Gianni Fenu, Mirko Marras and Diego Reforgiato Recupero

Leveraging Cognitive Computing for Multi-Class Classification of E-Learning Videos

Best Demo Award

Antonello Meloni, Diego Reforgiato Recupero and Aldo Gangemi

AMR2FRED, a tool for translating AMR to Motif-based Linguistic Knowledge Graphs

7th Open Challenge on Question Answering over Linked Data (QALD-7) Winners

Task 1 English: Dennis Diefenbach, Kamal Singh and Pierre Maret, WDAqua-core0: A Question Answering Component for the Research Community


Task 1 French: Nikolay Radoev, Mathieu Tremblay, Michel Gagnon and Amal Zouaq, Answering Natural Language Questions on RDF Knowledge Base in French 


Task 4 English: Daniil Sorokin and Iryna Gurevych, End-to-End Representation Learning for Question Answering with Weak Supervision

The Mighty Storage Challenge (MOCHA) Winners

Mirko Spasic and Milos Jovanovik: "MOCHA 2017 as a Challenge for Virtuoso"

Open Knowledge Extraction Challenge 2017 (OKE) Winners

"ADEL@OKE 2017: A Generic Method for Indexing Knowlege Bases for Entity Linking" by Julien Plu, Giuseppe Rizzo and Raphaël Troncy

Challenge on Semantic Sentiment Analysis Winners

"Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis on Financial Microblogs and News Headlines” by Mattia Atzeni and Amna Dridi

"A Knowledge-based Approach For Aspect-Based Opinion Mining” by Marco Federici

Best Challenge Paper Award

Daniil Sorokin and Iryna Gurevych

End-to-End Representation Learning for Question Answering with Weak Supervision